Breakfast with the Birds

Twitchers at Manly Lagoon Twitchers at Manly Lagoon

Manly Lagoon's wildlife came out to shake their tail feathers on World Wetlands Day on Sunday. 

Louise Egerton - wildlife educator, author of Know Your Birds and blogger at - led an early morning walk around the edge of the lagoon. Fifteen well-equipped participants spotted an array of birds, including - the white ibis, the gorgeous chestnut teal and dusky moorhens putting on a show. 

AustralianWhiteIbis ChestnutTeal DuskyMoorhenSmall DuskyMoorhenFightSmall

Then there were -  glorious rainbow lorikeets, a statuesque great cormorant and elegant Pacific black ducks. 

RainbowLorikeetSmall GreatCormorantSmall PacificBlackDuck 

Also in the lagoons backwaters - shiny purple swamphens, pretty magpie larks, noisy miners and elegant wood ducks.

 PurpleSwamphenSmall MagpieLark NoisyMinerSmall woodDuckSmall IbisTree

Where were we? Walking along the north edge of Manly Lagoon, starting from Mill Park. Not shown on Google, but there's a thin little park behind the houses.  


Fabulous bird photos by Reg Gibson. Lots more at Reg Gibson Photos.  


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