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The Manly Environment Centre (MEC) shopfront started in 1991 as a unique combination of community, Council and local corporate sponsors.

It was the first Australian suburban environment centre and is well established as a pro-active organisation dedicated to the health of our local environment.

As an action and education based centre, the shopfront houses more than 10,000
publications and other resources, the largest collection of environmental education
materials accessible to the community in Australia.

Each year thousands of overseas visitors, local tourists, day trippers, local residents,
students and children visit the MEC shopfront. Staff and volunteers also actively seek
out the community to help inspire and lead them towards sustainability by presenting
a variety of events, talks and workshops. Most importantly information is provided to
people, empowering them to take action and make lifestyle choices which will create
positive outcomes for themselves, the wider community (locally and globally)
and the environment.

The MEC offers accredited internships and work experience opportunities for a range
of overseas, regional and local students in all fields of the environment and administration.

The centre hosts a variety of volunteers with diverse experience, opportunities are
available in local field work, administration, marketing, projects, research and events.
The centre is always looking for new volunteers to become part of the Manly Environment
Centre team. The commitment required depends on the position - this is a fantastic
opportunity for people looking for practical experience in the environmental or events industry.

The Manly Environment Centre working in partnership with community groups and the broader community including:

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“I am so proud of you all. Your actions are part of a global movement to protect a future for all life. Thank you and congratulations.”
- Professor David Suzuki, Canada

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In the late 1980’s, the intense pressure of development, tourism and pollution resulted in a huge groundswell of concern from the local Manly community. This was translated into a unique form of positive action when this group sought to work with the Manly Council towards their common goals.

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