The Manly Environment Centre working in partnership with community groups and the broader community including:

  • Environment Groups & Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
  • Department of Education & Training (DET)
  • Taronga Zoo
  • National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS)
  • Diving industry
  • Australian Water Network
  • Universities & TAFE Colleges
  • Sister Centres
  • Members of Parliament
  • Sydney Observatory
  • Powerhouse Museum

Achievements in conjunction with others:

  • The listing of Manly’s Little Penguins and Bandicoots as the first common threatened species population in Manly.
  • Establishment of Cabbage Tree Bay, as the first Marine Sanctuary in Sydney
  • Establishment of North Head Sanctuary
  • Working towards the restoration of Manly Lagoon
  • Listed as one of seventeen Wetland Education Centres in Australia by the Australian Wetlands Information Network
  • Initiating the successful replanting of Manly’s Norfolk Pines with the planting of the 'Turnaround Tree'
  • The formation of a human sign involving thousands of people at the national launch of Manly Solar Surf Clubs and Clean Energy For Eternity.

Representing the Community on Committees of

  • Regional, State & Federal Government Departments
  • North Head Community Advisory Committee
  • The Penguin Recovery Team
  • The Bandicoot Recovery Team
  • The Manly Lagoon Catchment committee
  • Local Councils
  • Community Environment Committee
  • Executive of the North Head Sanctuary Foundation
  • Quarantine Station
  • Section 22 Committee
  • Storm Water Industry
  • International Erosion Control Association (IECA).

Winners of major Awards:

  • Rivercare
  • Keep Australia Beautiful 2000
  • Triple M Environmental Citizen Awards
  • 2 Day FM
  • Excellence in Partnership, University of Western Sydney


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