The Body Toxic - How the Hazardous Chemisty of Everyday Things Threatens Our health and Well-being.

By: Nena Baker
Published by: North Point Pressthebodytoxic
RRP: $15

We are aware of the pollution in our environment, but most of us are not conscious about the “chemical body burden” we are carrying within us. Our organs, blood, and bones are filled with chemicals, those names we have hardly heard of. It is time to come to realize that pollution is not only an external matter.
In The Body Toxid journalist Nena Baker reveals the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis through food, make-up, toys and all the other things, which are supposed to enhance our lifestyle. The same body lotion that makes our skin soft at the same time puts us at risk to get serious health issues like cancer or hormone disorders.

The Body Toxid is an eye opener, as well as a guide to reduce our exposure to chemicals.

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