The initiator: Coles Bay, Tasmania

Coles Bay in Tasmania was the first community to ban plastic bags in Australia. In 2003 the local initiative successfully disposed all light weight plastic bags from the supermarket check-outs. During the first 12 months Coles Bay stopped the use of 350,000 plastic bags.

The first state to ban plastic bags: South Australia

In 2009 South Australia became the first Australian state to ban plastic bags. Since then 82% of South Australians believe that the ban of plastic bags is an important environmental issue. In the first 6 months they stopped the use of 200 million plastic bags. The ACT and the Northern Territory are drafting similar regulations.

Retailers campaign: Harris Farm Market

Harris Farm Market donates 5c to Clean Up Australia for every person who doesn't want a plastic bag. With this campaign they aim to reduce the use of plastic bags by 1/2 million in six months.

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