A film by Robert Kennerfoodinc

Rated: PG

Run Time: 94 min

RRP: $ 17,99

How much do we know about the everyday products we buy in our local supermarket? Where does this apparently enormous variety of food come from and how is it produced? Food, Inc. gives us the answers and goes far beyond that. Robert Kenner's movie reveals the shocking methods of the US American food industry and follows our groceries' along their often little appetising line of production. From inhumane practices in the meat industry, based on the concept of fast, fat and financial beneficial, to the re-use of corn syrup in basically every product we can find in the shelves, from batter to batteries.

We seem to have lost the connection and knowledge about the food we eat and the control of what is served on our plates. Giant food industry monopolies dictate what we have for dinner today and for lunch tomorrow. Environmental issues, health problems and political corruption are just three of the consequences we will and already are facing.

Food, Inc. is a shocking and powerful movie that awakes us from our food coma. It empowers us to look behind the closed doors of the food industry and to rethink our everyday choices of what we should eat.

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