IN dramatic scenes in London's Supreme Court, an oil company executive has been sent to prison for the crime of 'ecocide'.

Well environment lawyer Polly Higgins organised the mock trial to highlight the need for legal sanctions to protect our planet. 

Dubbed 'the planet's lawyer', Ms Higgins is pushing for 'ecocode' to be recognised by the International Criminal Court alongside crimes against humanity and genocide. That would be accompanied by international recognition of a charter of Mother Earth rights, to be administered by the UN.

The Scottish activist first came to Australia last year to introudce the powerful 'ecocide' concept Down Under. She was keynote speaker at the International Conference of Eco Ideas, run by Manly Environment Centre. For press reports click here and here

Since then, she has pursued her dream of using her legal background to save the planet.

As well as writing the award-winning book Eradicating Ecocide, Ms Higgins has inspired concerned citizens from all over the globe.

To help in the struggle, go to Eradicating Ecocide.  Or follow the mock trial at Restoring Justice.

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