Yesterday the unpredictable Sydney weather was an ominous backdrop for the annual Walk Against Warming.walkagainstwarming

Despite the sporadic rain, Belmore Park hosted an estimated crowd of 1 500 people who marched along Elizabeth street and Castlereagh street to convince political leaders to take action on climate change.

Kelly Dent, a member of Oxfam said: “This weather is a prediction of what is to come if nothing is done about climate change.”

Walk Against Warming was estimated to attract 10 000 people nationally and was sponsored by various NGO’s including Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, World Vision and Climate Action Network Australia.

Chris Washington-Sare, head of fundraising at Greenpeace said the political parties are struggling to realize what they need to do.

“Politicians are in the pocket of the coal industry, we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and move to a clean and renewable energy future,” he explained.

While the event advocated putting a tax on carbon, no new coal fired power stations and a guarantee to cut pollution over the next term of government it was also aimed to inspire and motivate the community to push for change.


Source: Reportage Enviro

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