The sweet “super green” smell of success is in the air for an Australian green franchise about to cause a storm overseas. All signs indicate that the USA is now ready to wholeheartedly embrace total green energy solutions and AllSafe is well placed to deliver these one-stop shops!

"The timing was very important to us because of the green industry that we’re involved in, it is becoming very popular and we wanted to be the first to achieve a ‘One Stop shop’ type of Green franchise internationally," says Sean Cochrane, CEO of AllSafe.

Going Global

"We are on track to open our 11th AllSafe store on Australia's east coast in the space of 18 months, with plans for 52 franchisees in Australia, providing up to 936 green jobs for the Australian economy...and with 280 to 310 stores planned for America, we stand to inject thousands of jobs into the US economy when they need it most," Cochrane said. The first American outlet is set for a March 2011 launch in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The AllSafe one-stop-shop energy efficiency stores will be branded as ‘SuperGreen Solutions’ in the USA and Canada with the first store being launched in West Palm Beach, Florida in March 2011. Allsafe’s CEO Sean Cochrane said it was exciting that the “little Aussie company was going global”. With the demand for energy efficiency products being insatiable in the Australian market, he was confident the US market would offer the same need for “total green energy solutions”.

World First Super Green iPhone App

Literally, on the way to the USA, AllSafe is launching a revolutionary iPhone application in mid September at China’s World Solar Cities Convention, with its formal launch to the American market at the ‘West Coast Green’ Conference in San Francisco in late September 2010. The new Super Green iPhone application is a real breakthrough, allowing people to roughly calculate their payback, dollar savings and carbon emission (CO2) savings if they were to install a solar power, wind power or solar hot water unit.

The application is free and easy to use, and it will be a great tool to help consumers decide which energy efficient products best suit their home or business location. Changing the different options will show you how you can reduce your household energy costs and its effects on the environment.

While SuperGreen iPhone application’s official launch is slated for mid-September in China, Sean advises that Aussies will actually have first access to it! Later this week the world’s first Renewables Calculator iPhone application should be live and available for Australians to download to their iPhone!


Soruce: Green Times

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