By: Tim Lowferalfuture
Published by: University Of Chicago Press
RRP: 24.95

When author Tim Low travelled up to the northernmost tip of the continent, he expected pristine Australian rainforests, but instead he discovered Latin American carpet grass and feral cattle. This journey inspired Low to write Feral Future, an account of the history and implications of invasive species in Australia, which have caused global ecological consequences.

Low describes how invasive species got to Australia, how they cause ecological and economic damage and what we can do to stop them. He also covers the many pests that Australia has exported to the world, as for example the paperbark tree that infests hundreds of thousands of acres in Florida.

Feral Future reveals how our environment has been changed by invasions of foreign species and how we have to react to the environmental threats they cause. Wildlife Australia comments: “A must for anyone who considers themselves a friend of the environment."

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