By: Dough McKenzie-Mohr, William Smithfosteringsustainablebehavior
Published by: New Society Publishers
RRP: $16.08

We want our everyday activities to be efficient, easy, affordable and convenient. By now most of us know that our consumer behaviour puts a heavy strain on the environment, but to change our lifestyle often seems to be an unmanageable burden. We do not have the time, financial resources or knowledge.

Dough McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith are aware of the barriers preventing us to act environment friendly. In Fostering Sustainable Behavior they suggest a social marketing approach to overcome these barriers and to evoke long-lasting behaviour change. Community-based social marketing has been proven to be effective in promoting sustainable behaviour – and we can initiate this campaign.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior outlines the main aspects of behaviour change methods applied in social sciences, but more importantly functions as a handbook to develop own projects. The authors draw on behaviour change examples from various fields and translate them to an environmental context. Checklists, tips and clear instructions contribute to a user-friendly and understandable toolbox of ideas and methods.

Fostering Sustainable Behavior tells us about barriers and how we can break them down, illustrates different approaches and finds solutions. A must read for everyone how is interested in demonstrating the importance of sustainable actions, provoking change and engaging people.

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