By: Garry Egger & Boyd Swinburn
Published by: Allen & Unwin
RRP: $24.99


Planet Obesity sets out to tackle the world's biggest problems - obesity, chronic disease, global warming and environmental degradation - and solve them all at once.

It's not as silly as it sounds.

Garry (GutBusters) Egger and Boyd Swinburn argue that we have overshot our economic growth 'sweet spot'. aplanetObesity

While growth and development used to make our lives easier, in developed countries at least economic expansion now drives over-consumption.

The authors say the problem is our collective desire to 'maximise' rather than 'optimise' our situation. 'Like Cinderella, we stay too long at the ball'.

And while things worked out well in the fairytale, in the real world over-consumption remains our biggest problem, producing overweight and unhealthy people and a damaged planet.

Egger and Swinburn present sustainable alternatives for our 'outdated' economic system, as well 'stealth interventions' for targetting the problem.


Janne Seletto

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