Only one breeding pair of Little Penguins remain in Manly Cove this season after dog attacks and boat injuries, which have caused a dramatic decline in the local population.

The Federation Point colony was devastated when three breeding couples and one chick were killed in a dog attack in December 2010. No birds have returned to the nesting site since then, which was reportedly occupied by four pairs last season and five the year before.

One of the remaining couple, Mr Sticky- beak, was recently involved in a powerboat incident which killed his former breeding partner and left him with a deep propeller injury.

However the news is not all bad. Volunteer penguin protectors have observed that the pair had produced four healthy chicks, two of which have already fledged.

The number of penguins found around North Harbour was once in the hundreds, however due to loss of habitat, predator attacks and nest disturbances, the population now consists of approximately 60 pairs. 

The recovery of the Sydney's Little Penguin Population can only succeed with the active support of all who use the harbour and foreshore areas. Please follow the rules in the Little Penguin critical habitat area and help protect this endangered population. 



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