North Head Sanctuary

The North Head Sanctuary Foundation was formed in 2002 with the vision of a Sanctuary to celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of our ancient land.


It is a safe place for flora, fauna and people, a living laboratory promoting the spiritual and biological value of ‘Sydney Harbour’.

A special place
North Head is a very special place because it encapsulates the story of four lands: The ancient geological formations, the Aboriginal traditions and culture over the millennia, the natural heritage and the 200 year recent heritage.

North Head is a place of peace and refreshment in the frenetic rush of modern life. Such areas are of growing importance to health and well being in an expanding city.

Native Plant Nursery
The North Head Sanctuary Foundation has approval to operate a native plant nursery at North Head.

The nursery, operated by volunteers and supported by people with scientific and technical expertise will:

  • Propagate Plants that grow on North Headnativefuschia
  • Restore and revegetate areas of North Head degraded by past and current uses using propagated plants.
  • Raise awareness of the significance of North Head and its native vegetation, endangered species, populations and ecological communities and the role of native plant species used as habitat.

To achieve these aims and to help maintain North Head’s natural beauty and significance the North Head Sanctuary foundation is looking for new members to join them in developing the community Native Plant Nursery and to help develop the Sanctuary.

The Education Centre is open every weekend from 10.00am to 4.00pm.


Comment of the picture
The Banksia aemula is an endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrubs (ESBS), it survives on the rare Aeolian Sand Dunes atop North Head. North Head is home to various other ecosystems also.

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