Manly Hydraulics Laboratory

mhlbuildingLocated at Manly Dam, the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) is a business within the Department  of Public Works and Services. It provides consulting services in the area of water, coastal and environmental solutions. MHL's services include:-

  • investigation of oceanographic, coastal, estuarine and riverine processes. Environmental and water quality studies, data aquisition and field surveys
  • design and testing of water engineering structures and equipment
  •  development and operation of physical and numerical models.mhlsolarchimney

Use of Renewable Energy Technology

When the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory upgraded its facilities, the NSW Department of Public Works and Services decided to use the project as a showcase of its capability in energy efficient design. A combination of passive design elements and mechanical systems was used to realise energy savings.

These elements included:-

  • Natural Ventilation System: A natural convection ventilation system was designed to provide climate control for most of the workspace. A set of 6 solar heated chimneys draw air into a masonary labyrinth in a plenum under the floor, through vents in the floor and lower walls, through the workspace and out the ceiling.
  • Sun Shading: A combination of fixed and moveable shades is used to manage the solar thermal load.
  • Solar Lighting: Skylights and solar powered lights contribute to energy savingsmhlsolarstreetlight
  • Solar Thermal Hot Ware: A Solar Beasley split system has a roof mounted collector and under floor storage tank.
  • Solar Electric Generator: A 10Kw grid intertied solar generator is used to supplement mains supply. This has 3 independent sets of 54 64w Cannon roof batten thin film solar arrays each feeding 4Kw S.E.A inverter.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply: A Trace SW3024E inverter with a 24V battery and 2.5Kw hydroelectric generator provides emergency power backup for the computer systems.
  • Field Data Monitoring: MHL Operates an extensive network of environmental data logging sites which are nearly all solar powered and tele-metered.

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory anticipated it would prevent approximately 80 tonnes of green house gas emissions being released into the atmosphere every year.

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