Hazell House


The sustainable features of the Hazell house were built into an existing house that the couple bought in 2001in North Manly. The building design company Envirotecture Projects, headed by Dick Clark, designed the eco-friendly house. Dick Clark explains “It is no more expensive designing an environmentally friendly house if you get the fundamental things like orientation correct, which ensures that everything falls into place.  In fact, energy-efficient designs should be ultimately less expensive than conventional models.” The house features excellent cross-ventilation and passive solar elements such as a concrete floor structure and internal brick walls that retain the heat in the winter and keep the inside cool in the summer.

It also has a 25,000-litre concrete rainwater tank built under the garage with plumbing that goes throughout the house. It is used for washing, drinking and in the toilets.  Because of this they do not need to be on city water.  The water tank is built on a concrete slab and also acts to balance the temperature inside the house.
There is also a concrete floor, overlaid with bamboo slats, that absorbs and retains the heat in winter. The internal walls are brick and come with sarking and concertina insulation.
Solar panels were placed to the north of the block, with a photovoltaic bank linked to a T3 hybrid energy system. This was they generate about 20 per cent of their own power.
It goes into the grid during the day and is drawn on at night.

Smaller details include:-

•  All the internal doors are topped with small awning windows that are opened in summer to aid air flow and closed in winter to trap heat.
• Ninety-five per cent of the lights are compact fluorescent, and the central gallery and stairwell are surrounded by windows.
•  There is a 200 square metre garden (with almost all native species) that is irrigated with a grey-water system that reuses water from showers and hand basins. The garden paths are made from recycled concrete and bricks from Kimbriki Tip at Terry Hills.

This house along with others in the Manly area can be viewed on Sustainable House Day. For further details contact mec@manly.nsw.gov.au.

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